Welcome to Kinetic Therapies

Established in September 2020, we’re a massage therapy clinic in Finchampstead, near Wokingham.

We specialise in massage treatments designed to help you recover from sports injury or persistent muscle and joint pain.



Certified Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Competitive Horse Rider

I attended St Marys University in Twickenham, taking an intense course resulting in my Level 4 Diploma. I chose Sports massage as I have a real desire to ensure that everyone stays fit, healthy and mobile.



Certified Sports Therapists and Sports Enthusiast

I have completed my level 4 diploma in sports massage on Sports Therapy UK, in Hertfordshire. 

Sports massage stood out for me as it combines two things that I enjoy; putting my learning of anatomy into practice, and helping other people achieve their goals. I truly believe that sports massage is by far the best way to recover from an injury, maintain physical and mental wellbeing and prevent future injuries occurring. 


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