Q) What should I wear?

A) Loose fitting clothing which will allow us to expose the muscles we will be working on, for example jogging bottoms or shorts, no jeans. Sports bras for women are ideal as we can then see more when carrying out our postural assessments. 


Q) Will I feel discomfort during or after my massage?

A) During the treatment the of level of pain will varying depending on the amount of tension in the muscle, but this will ease as we progress through the treatment. After the treatment there may be some discomfort as it is difficult to predict as everybody is different. Our therapists will always check what pressure is best for you.


Q) When can I exercise?

A) Low intensity workout the following day will give the muscles enough time to recover, but be guided by how you feel. Our therapists will recommend an after-care program.


Q) Are you COVID-19 safe?

A) We have measures in place, temperature check and hand sanitiser on arrival, all equipment and touch surfaces will be sanitised prior to each treatment, clean towels and couch cover for each client, therapist will be wear visors the whole time and have temperature checked before each shift. For more information check out our Hygiene & Covid-19 page. 


Q) Should I wear a mask?

A) We require you to wear a mask upon arrival and during the consultation, when face down on the massage table we do not expect you to wear a mask, but when face up you should.


Q) How often should I have a massage?

A) Depending on the reason for treatment, your therapist will recommend frequency as part of your aftercare plan.


Q) What after effects might I experience?

A) Effects varying from person to person, but common ones are muscle soreness, fatigue and tiredness. To help these we recommend drinking plenty of water after you come in and see us. 


Q) I don’t play sports, can I still have a sports massage?

A) Yes, sports massage is not just for people who play sport, it will benefit all. 


Q) Where are you based?

A) We are based in Finchampstead, The Old Dairy, Church Lane, RG40 4LS. 

Q) How to Pay. 

A) We take online payments at time of booking or we do take cash payments on the day of your treatment. 

Q) Is there Parking? 

A) Yes, we have a courtyard right outside of our property where you can park in. 



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