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With a long list of qualifications between us we are confident that we will be able to help you find what you are looking for. We are always learning new skills and ways that we can help you! 

Our aim is to give Clients a rounded, friendly and professional service, aiding RECOVERY, MAINTAINING fitness and PREVENTING injury


Certified Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer and Competitive Horse Rider

I am a competitive horse rider, which has given me stresses and strains in all areas. Posture and core strength have helped me greatly and are key to my performance.


As a Personal Trainer, I have seen many injuries as a result of not only gym work , but participation in all sports and everyday life. Noticing peoples lack mobility, flexibility and core strength, made me want to improve this with them. 

After having a sports massage to help me with my recovery and fitness, I found it helped my performance on the horse and in the gym. I attended St Marys University in Twickenham , taking an intense course resulting in my Level 4 Diploma. 

I chose Sports massage as I have a real desire to ensure that everyone stays fit, healthy and mobile. 

My aim is, aiding RECOVERY, MAINTAINING fitness and PREVENT injury, allowing you to enjoy your chosen sport and fulfilling your goals, and to live a healthy happier pain free life. 

We can work together as a team to achieve a FITTER, HEALTHIER, HAPPIER you.

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Certified Sports Therapists and Sports Enthusiast

I am a very active person, if I am not at work you will most likely find me on a tennis court, football pitch or in the gym getting my sweat on.

As somebody who used to get injured an awful lot while growing up, playing all different types of sport. I had to quickly learn what my body needed in order to stay fit and healthy. Something much more than a short stretch before taking part in physical activity is required to ensure you finish uninjured. This is where my love for learning anatomy has come from.


This interest has stayed with me all through my education. I have completed my level 4 diploma in sports massage on Sports Therapy UK, in Hertfordshire. 

Sports massage stood out for me as it combines two things that I enjoy; putting my learning of anatomy into practice, and helping other people achieve their goals. I truly believe that sports massage is by far the best way to recover from an injury, maintain physical and mental wellbeing and prevent future injuries occurring. 

Having seen a large variety of clients already in my career, it has become obvious to me that the clients understanding of the injury/dysfunction that they may be suffering from, and the knowledge of how to manage it, is just as important as the treatment itself. I look forward to working with each and every one of you. 


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